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SolutionBuggy is India’s largest online consulting platform dedicated to MSMEs with 8,000+ trusted and verified consultants and 60,000 industries. We help new entrepreneurs easily start their business and grow. We also assist existing enterprises in addressing their technical and business challenges.

Till date, we have successfully completed more than 1,350 consulting projects for our clients across various industries.

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We provide total integrated solutions to manufacturing industries to address quality issues in the production line. We want to make our solution reach to different sectors. We were looking for a professional consultant who can assist us. We are happy that we found the relevant expert at SolutionBuggy

- Dr. Anuj Pandey

I have an acre land in Mysore. I am planning to setup food processing industry within a budget of Rs. 4 Cr. But I am don’t have any idea of what product to manufacture. I have approached SolutionBuggy and they helped me shortlist few products based on the demand in the market, raw material availability, and various other factors.

- Ramesh Gowda

I was facing problem due to increased cost in my mask manufacturing business. I was unable to reduce the manufacturing cost of the masks, which led to increase in the final cost of the product. A professional consultant from SolutionBuggy helped me minimize the expenses by reviewing the production costs

- Mohan Krishna


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In this volatile and highly competitive business environment, running a business successfully in line with the vision is not an easy task. Businesses must consistently optimize their operations to stay ahead of their peers in the market, which is not always possible in small enterprises owing to the lack of domain experts. Though every business has in-house experts with knowledge and experience in certain areas, their expertise may not solve all the problems. A consultant can help these companies by offering domain expertise to optimize their operations, reduce expenses, increase revenues and grow.

Also, for new entrepreneurs who are planning to start their business, it is quite difficult to move ahead without advice from experts. An expert can provide new entrepreneurs with the right direction and can help at every stage of the business, such as market research, licences and approvals, marketing & sales, etc.

Business Consultants are experts in various business-related activities such as marketing, sales, expansions, etc. They provide expert consulting solutions to help companies improve their business performance and efficiency and add great value to the company in many ways. They examine various problems of the businesses and deliver customized solutions, enabling industries to meet their business objectives.

As companies are feeling the heat of competition and struggling to stay relevant in the industry, the importance of business consultants who can help companies to remain competitive, keep up-to-date with changing technologies and business trends is increasing day by day. As these experts work with several clients across multiple domains, they help businesses mitigate challenges and grow by assessing weaknesses and forthcoming challenges. Hiring a business consulting expert can allow businesses to leverage his experience and expertise and implement proven strategies and industry best practices in order to achieve maximum results.

Management Consultants are the experts who render management-related consulting services to businesses. These experts work hand in hand with the internal management of a company, enabling them to enhance the overall effectiveness and productivity of the organization. Management consulting services, particularly in the case of small businesses as they do not have dedicated experts, prove to be a game-changer.

Management consulting experts are primarily associated with identifying and eliminating the inherent challenges, unnecessary costs and other challenges that inhibit the company growth. They recommend essential measures to be taken to minimise the impact of growth impediments. They play a very important role in evaluating the internal operations of a company and strengthening the overall management framework. Due to continuous disruptions, it is quite difficult for companies to maintain business continuity and deliver seamless services to their customers. Management consultants help businesses ensure continuity of their day-to-day business operations and deliver better and seamless customer services.

Having an effective business strategy is of vital importance for businesses to stay relevant in today’s dynamic market conditions. Strategy consultants provide services for planning, measurement and feedback on the implementation of the organization’s strategy. They help in developing strategies for leapfrogging of business in terms of growth with a focus on organizational change and improving the overall ROI of the company.

The strategy consulting experts enable business owners to improve customer satisfaction which will help the company become competitive in the market. They also help in restructuring the company and bringing in much-required change in the organization structure in order to meet the pre-defined business needs and goals. They help business owners in making high-level and strategic decisions of the company by providing first-hand information and data-driven insights. The primary objective of the strategy consulting experts is to assist the businesses on the strategic level to improve the efficiency and productivity of an organization and bringing in changes that increase the profitability of the organization.

Operations consultants are the experts who deliver services to improve the internal operations and performance of the company across the entire value chain. They help business owners in designing and managing the day-to-day business operations and flow of the company such as purchasing, production, selling, etc. They assist in improving the efficiency of the company in various aspects such as organization design, individual roles and responsibilities, etc. By implementing the organizational and operational changes in the company, they help businesses in becoming more efficient, thereby adding more value and creating revenue channels.

Operations experts support businesses in achieving their goals by planning and designing facilities, equipment, materials, production, warehousing and sales. They help to optimize the operations of the organization by making use of all the available information sources to track all the activities of the organization.

Financial consultants are the experts who provide a wide range of services to businesses related to financial matters as per their requirements. These experts deal with finances, management of debt, equity-related issues, acquisitions and several other growth strategies.

A lot of companies collaborate with other companies on various projects to accomplish certain goals, and financial advisors can help businesses manage their financials while collaborating with other companies. They also provide a forecast of the sales and costs by analysing the historical data, enabling businesses to prepare the business owners to arrange the financial resources accordingly.

Today, most business owners rely on financial advisors to keep their costs low while having an efficient growth strategy for improving the performance of the company. Financial advisory services are of different types, such as transaction services, risk management, corporate finance, crisis & recovery, accounting advisory, tax advisory, real estate advisory, etc.

IT consultants are the technology experts who provide expert consulting solutions to companies on the implementation of technology to improve their performance. The basic function of the technology experts is to offer services regarding the adoption and implementation of the latest technologies. These experts help organizations on how to utilize technology in achieving their business targets.

Small enterprises with limited financial resources cannot afford to invest in full-time and in-house technology experts for installing and maintaining the IT infrastructure. At the same time, they cannot afford to lose the benefits of technology implementation. These days, almost every business is dependent on technologies for business operations in one way or the other. The latest technologies are complex and involve a lot of processes, which require an expert to implement and manage. A technology consultant comes in handy for small scale businesses. These experts help small businesses by offering them advise and suggestions on how to effectively implement the latest technologies for better business growth and productivity.

HR consultants are the experts who provide professional consulting services related to human resources, helping businesses to improve their human capital. Most of the businesses find it difficult to effectively manage the human resources to ensure better output.

The HR consulting experts help companies better manage the human resources by implementing the various policies and programs, which also help to enhance the organization’s ability to hire people and reduce the attrition rate. These experts primarily help to transform the business and working culture of the organization by bringing in changes in the areas of organizational design, processes and systems. The help businesses address problems related assessment, auditing, proposal and implementation of a policy related to HR activities in an organization.

Turnaround consultant are the experts who provide consulting services to businesses that in the situation of crisis and distress, enabling them to come out of the situation. These are the experts with skills and expertise in the areas of operations, financial services, marketing, sales, business expansions, etc. They, generally, have vast experience in dealing with varied business conditions across various industries. They assist business owners in taking decisions by providing them with all the necessary information from various trustworthy sources. By collaborating with the company’s top-level management, the turnaround consultants help businesses recover from crisis while also enabling them to grow. They analyse the current business situation and suggest necessary measures to come out of the sorry state of affairs.

These consultants use different kinds and techniques and strategies which have different roles to play in accomplishing the tasks. Some of these strategies include data analysis, business planning, restructuring, re-engineering, validations, change management, process optimization, etc.

As it is clear that hiring a consultant can prove to a determining factor for the success of a company, now let us look at some of the concrete advantages of availing professional consulting services.  When you hire an expert, you only need to pay only for the services that you avail, unlike in the case of maintaining in-house staff a paying them salaries. Here are some of the advantages of going for professional consulting services.

External Perspective for the Problems

Consultants are the experts in their respective fields. They bring with them years of working experience across various domains. As the person not associated directly with your company, a consultant can provide you with the external perspective for the problems that are hindering the business growth.

It happens with almost every company that they fail to address their day-to-day business problems due to conventional views towards them. Consultant by putting forward the external viewpoint of the business problems can help you easily address your challenges. They also warn you about the problems that you may encounter in the future and suggest necessary steps to prevent them.

Access to Outside Knowledge

Hiring experts with vast experience of working with various companies across different business verticals help you gain access to outside knowledge. This also eliminates the need to hire in-house experts, which would require more investment. The cost of hiring an external consultant costs less than hiring in-house employees.

Moreover, you can also take help from experts to train your in-house staff about the various strategies and techniques implemented by the experts.  This helps to easily accomplish your business goals both, short-term and long-term, by the involvement of the entire team in addition to the contribution from the expert.

Implementation of New Growth Strategies and Best Practices

Strategies play an important role in role in determining the success of a company. Experts help you implement innovative growth strategies that enable you to improve business performance and productivity.  As experts with years of industry experience, they also help you implement the industry best practices. Best practices the proven ways of doing things that have been tried out through the trial and error method. Implementation of the best practices allows you to optimize the operations, cut down the unwanted costs, improve efficiency and maximize profits.

More Focus on Core Business Activities

Most of the businesses, while trying to address their challenges that impact the business growth fail to concentrate on their daily operations and core business activities. This eventually leads to ineffective business operations and lower productivity, impacting the overall growth of the business. Addressing problems requires an ample amount of time, which is not always feasible for employees as they have other dedicated tasks. Third-party consultants, by addressing your technical and business problems, allow you to focus on the core business activities. This will help you improve your business productivity while overcoming the challenges and mitigating their impact on growth.

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If you a new entrepreneur planning to start your business or an existing industry facing challenges in running the business, then kindly register with SolutionBuggy. We provide you access to top consultants in India who can help you address your technical and business challenges. We also help new entrepreneurs easily start their business by undertaking the complete execution of the project.

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